Asking the Right Questions Will Keep Your Investment Property Safe

How long have you been a property manager?

15 yrs by the administrator and Director of Operations; with a combined 35 years amongst managing staff.

What types of properties do you manage?

Family residential homes to include multiple family properties up to 35 units. We also manage small commercial properties on a case by case basis.

What type of insurance do you carry?

Ambassador Property Management meets all required insurance standards up to and including general liability and error and omissions.

How many units are you currently managing?

This value varies from 200 or more at anytime.

How many property managers does your company have?

This number varies, but most clients will have a primary and secondary contact at all times.

What associations do you belong to?

Texas Realtors Commission & National Association of Property Managers

How many vacancies do you have right now? Out of how many total units under management?

Ambassador's portfolio vacancy periods do not exceed 5% in most seasons.

What is the average length of time it takes to fill a vacancy?  

30-45 days depending on the season.

What does your lease look like?

Standard Texas Association of Realtors leasing documentation.

What is your late rent policy?  

Ambassador's late rent policy is specific to client preference.

Do you perform regular property inspections?   

Ambassador Property Management does quarterly inspections.

What percentage of tenants do you have to evict?  

Our eviction rate is 1% within network.

How does the eviction process work here?  

Ambassador Property Management can usually can evict within two weeks depending on the assigned court district.

What are your management fees?  

Ambassador Property management charges a $45-$129 flat fee depending on the unit.

Are there any other fees (cancelation, eviction, renewal, marketing, account setup)?  

These fess are specific to the property. Call (512) 351-7800 to schedule an appointment with a representative.

What do you charge for finding a new tenant and leasing the property?

Ambassador charges a standard 70% - 100% of the first month’s rents for these services.

Do you charge a fee when my unit is vacant?  

Ambassador Property Management does not charge a fee when your unit is vacant.

What are my guarantees as the homeowner?  

At Ambassador Property management we guarantee we will always make decisions based on minimizing our clients (your) liability while maintaining the integrity of the asset (your property).

If I decide to sell my property, do I have to list it with you?  

Not at all!

How do you market your properties?

Our marketing process is specific to each unit.

What is your repair process?  

No reserves are held. All repairs are on a 30 day net.

How do you screen prospects?  

At Ambassador all sources are utilized to screen rental history, criminal, employment and credit history of each applicant.

When will I receive my rents?  

You will receive your rents between the 9th and the 12th of each month.

Do you do direct deposits?  

Yes, we do!

Can tenants pay rent electronically?  

Yes, Ambassador has the systems in place for tenants to pay their rent electronically.

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